Introducing Dublin Anarchist Black Cross

Introducing the formation of the new Dublin Anarchist Black Cross (ABC), an organisation for the support and defence of anti-authoritarian social movements, political prisoners and prisoners of war, both locally and internationally.

The police, courts and prisons are the means by which the State enforces its social and political control; as anarchists we reject these tools of domination and through mutual aid and solidarity, aim to support those who struggle against them.

Dublin ABC aims to practically support those facing state repression both inside and outside prison with:

Arrestee & Defendant Support

Court and bail accompaniment, help with finding and transferring solicitors, help accessing legal information, collating legal information for defendants, creating and distributing “bust cards” on demos, distributing information on “know your rights”, and dealing with police, running legal workshops.

Prisoner Support

Publicising specific prisoners cases, campaigns and struggles, writing letters, sending books and magazines, and where possible or needed financial contributions.

Self defence & action medic training

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