Justice for the Craigavon 2


Being locked up is pure mental torture: a French philosopher once said prison is the most unnatural environment a human could be put into. Being taken from your home, your loved ones; having your freedom robbed from you, are all bad enough but imagine being put in prison, being put behind massive walls that look to be reaching the sky when you stand under them; behind razor wire sharp enough to slice through flesh like a hot knife through butter; being put behind a maze of cages, gates and bars; being put behind a 5 inch thick steel door to lock you into the space that your given to live in, a space 12 foot by 6 foot, it resembles more a coffin than anything else and starts to feel more and more like one the longer you are kept in it; your only connection to the outside world is the occasional letter, phone call and visit.¬† Ask yourself could you live this way for a week? A month? A year? Could you imagine having to live this way for the rest of your life? To top it all off can you imagine being forced to live this way for something you didn’t do?

John Paul Wotton started this horrific ordeal when he was just 17 years old – a child!

Brendan McConville was taken from his family, his two sons left without a father.

The contradictions in the prosecution’s evidence are blatant: all evidence used against the two accused is circumstantial there is nothing concrete and there is no evidence linking the 2 that shows either participated in any part of the event that lead to death of constable Stephen Carroll.

Here are some of the main points of evidence the prosecution used:

  • Witness M’s partner, who was with him on the night in question, is unable to confirm his version of events. Witness M’s own father gave evidence calling his son “a compulsive liar” and said that he was regarded by his family as a “Walter Mitty” type character with a fertile immigration. He denied that M had visited his home on the night of the murder as had been originally claimed. Shocking evidence also emerged of secret surveillance against this witness and against the defences’ legal team.

There is much more contradictory evidence being used against John Paul Wotton and Brendan McConville. To learn more about their case visit:


The Craigavon 2’s case is blatant injustice against 2 innocent men. Their case resembles that of the Guilford 4 and Birmingham. Before he died, one of the Guilford 4, Gerry Conlon, helped to highlight and fought for the Craigvon 2 and if he was still alive he would no doubt be doing the same. Don’t let what happened to Giuseppe Conlon happen to John Paul and Brendan, don’t let them spend more years behind bars. Don’t let them be victims of British “justice”.