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No Comment

You do not need to answer police questions, so don’t.

We recommend you answer ‘no comment’ to all questions other than your name and address on arrest. You are NOT obliged to give your date of birth, but you may be released quicker if you do so. Answer ‘no comment’ to everything else.

This is for your own protection and for the protection of others.

The police will try to pressure and deceive you into incriminating yourself. Instead of trying to decide when it seems ‘safe’ to answer, just say “No comment” to all questions – during ‘informal chats’, in the police van and especially in interview.

If your friend in the next cell knows you aren’t going to talk, they will feel better able not to talk themselves. Remember, interviews only help the police – they will not interview you if they already have enough evidence to charge you.


No Duty Solicitor

Use a recommended solicitor with protest experience, we recommend:  Michael Finucane (01) 8090007

The “duty solicitor” is the solicitor who the police contact. They may come from any firm of solicitors, which means they may not know about protest.

Duty solicitors often give bad advice to protesters; we recommend you always use a good solicitor who knows about protest.

No Caution

An adult caution is an admission of guilt

Offering you a caution is a way the police may ask you to admit guilt for an offence without having to charge you. It is an easy win for the police, as they don’t have to provide any evidence or convince a court of your guilt.

At the very least, you should never accept a caution without taking advice from a good solicitor.



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