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  1. Hi Folks, just wondering how it went today for Shane – I was there on the day at the counter-demo and remember this incident. Was standing barely 20 feet away but only saw what was happening after they started dragging him away. It was very loud (awful lot of shouting back and forth, myself being one of the more vocal) and a lot of people simply didn’t notice what was happening to him just behind them.

    I had intended to make it to court this morning to support him but couldn’t in the end due to a work commitment. But I would be willing to bet the guards didn’t even show up or had the wrong paperwork. Hoping that’s what happened and it got dismissed. He deserves serious compensation, what they did was absolutely disgraceful and even worse than usual garda brutality.

    Anyway please let me know how it went, and on the offchance he or anyone else should have any more days in court over this I’ll be there to support if at all possible.

    Elliot Moriarty

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