Jail! – An insight into prison life in Ireland, namely Castlerea Prison, Co. Roscommon – Niall Harnett (RIP) (hosted on  Niall Harnett was a Shell to Sea activist jailed in 2010 for protest activity in Mayo.

Making Policing History – ‘Garda Research Institute’ (“which is composed of residents, community workers and educators who have both personally experienced Garda violence and have heard countless negative stories about the gardaí.  They came together to examine the role of the gardaí and in particular to spark debate and discussion about who gets targeted by the police and why”) A comprehensive study of policing in Ireland; includes a section on the Prisoners’ Rights Organisation, a grassroots prisoner support group active in the 1970s\80s.

Collected Writings of John Bowden – ABC Hurricane. John Bowden was imprisoned for murder in 1980 in England and was politicised by his experience of a brutal and authoritarian penal system. Since then his writings and active resistance within the prison system have given many an insight into the use of prison as a weapon of social\class war by the State. Despite the Parole Board’s admission that he should now be in open jail, if not released, John continues to suffer attacks by the prison system including long periods of punitive solitary confinement, which can only be explained by his activism and agitation.



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Dublin Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) is an organisation for the support and defence of anti-authoritarian social movements, political prisoners and prisoners of war, both locally and internationally.